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I remembered, Then I Forgot!

I remembered, then I forgot! I cannot count how many times I’ve said those words out loud or to myself when I was too ashamed to let others hear me. What happens is – I know I’m supposed to do something or go…


It’s Pastor’s Appreciation Month!

October is recognized as Pastor’s Appreciation month. A lot of us can think about one or two pastors in our lifetime who have encouraged us, motivated us, prayed for us and helped us in various ways and at various times. As we go through…


The Unlikely Messenger

The devotional I use daily has a monthly theme. This month, we have been on a journey through various sermons in the Bible. Recently, I read about Jonah’s preaching assignment to Nineveh, see Jonah 3:2-4:1. Nineveh was an important city. I can imagine…



A reminder to pause and acknowledge God’s many blessings in all of the chaos. This was initially published March 9, 2009 during a grueling nursing school experience.    Relax… He’s got your back! So this morning, I woke up at 7:21 a.m. …I remember…

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