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You Can Change Your Life and Family Tree!

  Have you ever gotten extra money as a birthday present or bonus at work? Have you checked later and wondered, “Where did all that money go?!” That had been the story of my life until recently. From a very young age, I…


What Are You Looking At?

Question: When is a bird bigger than a mountain? Answer: When the bird is closer than the mountain. In reality, the bird is not bigger than the mountain, but it sure looks that way when the feathery fellow is perched on my window…


The Closing Ceremony

Last week’s post on The Overnight Success made me think. I’m a sports fan and a part of me wishes I was a professional athlete or a sports broadcaster or a coach – almost any sports-related career – but alas! Whenever I watch athletes…


The Overnight Success

The path to success begins in the dark. I enjoy reading or listening to stories of successful people – you know, the people we hear about and automatically associate with success. What I’ve come to realize is that they were indeed overnight successes.…

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